who is tiggy

Tiggy to me was auntie Tiggy, great-auntie Tiggy to be exact.  She was also my Godmother, something that gave us a special bond.  She knew I loved old photos, and would cherish them, and gifted me many black and white images that I hold most dear to this day.  The one photo I don't have is an old one of Tigs, in her prime, full of life and laughter.

I lived with Tiggy when I first moved out on my own as a young adult.  Everything I know of grace I learned from Tiggy and her lessons have traveled with me throughout my life. 

Tiggy would like the things in this shop.  She would find the fine pottery useful and pretty at the same time.  She would wear the linen aprons. She would cook with the edibles.  

Tiggy was graceful, she was classic, and yet she had spirit.  I hope that this shop reflects all of her traits- I hope that I share those traits as well.